Hold Skanska Accountable

Their negligence has devastated our local economy.

When Hurricane Sally made landfall, 22 Skanska barges became unmoored, jeopardizing the economy, safety, and health of our community.

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AWKO Attorneys Led Trial Team that Defeated Skanska’s Attempt to Avoid Responsibility

Trial Win a Huge Step Towards Holding Skanska Fully Accountable

On December 28, 2021, nearly two months after the week-long trial before Senior District Judge Lacey Collier in October 2021, Judge Collier ruled in favor of the Claimants and against Skanska, dismissing Skanska’s attempts to avoid or limit its liability for damages caused by its barges during Hurricane Sally.

AWKO’s Stephen Echsner, E. Samuel “Sam” Geisler, and Nikki Guntner worked on the case from its earliest days to the present and examined Skanska witnesses during the October 2021 trial. The trial followed the tremendous effort led by AWKO’s Nikki Guntner to hold Skanska accountable for its destruction of crucial evidence, resulting in a sanctions award approaching $100,000.00.

As a result of Judge Collier’s ruling:

No one will be prejudiced by failing to timely file a claim into the Limitation of Liability Action. This means that even if you did not yet contact our firm after the deadline to file the Limitation of Liability claim, you may still have a viable case against Skanska.

The stay (essentially a pause) on state court litigation has been lifted.

If you have a damage claim from direct impact of your property with a Skanska barge or you own or operate a business that sustained business losses as a result of the bridge closure, please call today.

Please note that whether you filed a claim into the Limitation of Liability Action or not, you must still file suit within the applicable statute of limitations or risk foregoing your claim.

AWKO Files a Class Action in Florida State Court on Behalf of the Pensacola Region’s Commuters

On December 29, 2021, AWKO filed a class action suit in Escambia County Circuit Court on behalf of Florida individuals and businesses that suffered economic losses as a result of the bridge closure in the form of additional fuel and maintenance expenses due to the extended commute.

This class action, if successful, may secure a recovery on behalf of thousands of Pensacola area commuters who incurred economic losses as a result of the Pensacola Bay Bridge closure.

AWKO Continues to Work Hard to Hold Skanska Fully Accountable for the Damage It Caused the Region’s Economy.

AWKO attorneys continue to fight

Skanska’s attempts place a “stay,” or a pause, on all state court litigation. AWKO and the Claimant Trial Team’s 2021 win against Skanska lifted the previous stay on state court filings, allowing new claims to be filed and the litigation to move forward. Skanska recently attempted again to slow litigation from progressing following the defeat of its Limitation of Liability action in Federal Court, but our team’s efforts led both District Judge Collier as well as the U.S. Federal Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit to again deny Skanska’s most recent attempts to stay state court litigation against Skanska.

In June 2022, Skanska will file its appellate brief seeking to overturn Judge Collier’s Order dismissing its Limitation of Liability Action. Thereafter, the Claimant trial team, including AWKO attorneys, will file a responsive brief.

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Skanska, Three Mile Bridge Destruction

As the company responsible for building Pensacola’s new Three Mile Bridge, Skanska USA was trusted to provide a safe and reliable means to connect Pensacola, Gulf Breeze, and Pensacola Beach. Instead, their negligence has resulted in total devastation and destruction of a critical point of access connecting our community. When Sally made landfall, at least 27 Skanska barges became unmoored, jeopardizing the economy, safety, and health of our community for months—maybe years—to come. If you believe you or your business have been negatively impacted by Skanska, AWKO attorneys want to fight for you.

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